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Center Grove High School

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Art Department Chair: Jackie Fowler

The high school art department has a long legacy of helping all students find their creative voice within the vast array of art disciplines that we offer. We believe that art is human and that art can be a lifelong endeavor of personal growth through creativity combined with effort. Each of our art teachers are masterfully skilled and talented in all of the visual arts, but more than this, we are caring and committed educators who strive to help each and every student reach toward their potentials and find value in their accomplishments.

For five decades, the CGHS Art Department has had the honor of having countless students recognized regionally for their award winning art in the annual Scholastic Art and Writing competition. Many CGHS students have earned national awards and recognition as well in the Scholastic national competition. As wonderful as this is to have our very best students honored, the real benchmark of our art department is the annual Fine Arts Festival that showcases the depth of skill and artistic accomplishments of all of our students.

Each of our art teachers embraces that our primary goal is to first connect with every student, to get to know them well, to nurture them so that they develop a trust in our guidance, and finally to help them believe that they can succeed and master what we teach them. We believe in the self-fulfilling prophecy that a teacher's expectations students will rise and meet. We teach collegiate level content and skills, assisting students to work and create at this level. Though some may not reach college level mastery, all students do reach levels of competency far above what they ever imagined that they personally could accomplish.





Jackie Fowler

Jackie Fowler
Art Department Chair
317-881-0581 Ext. 4272