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STEM Pathways

WHAT IS STEM? Follow our Eng&Tech Twitter page link: @CGHSEng&Tech 
  The concept of STEM—for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—was introduced in the 1990s by the National Science Foundation. Not long after its
Red Alert Robotics

introduction, we Americans learned that The World Is Flat (Friedman, 2005) and that our students were going to be left behind in the globally competitive marketplace because many other countries were out-STEMming us. Government and private funding began to flow toward all different types of STEM education programs, and today STEM has come to be recognized as a meta-discipline—an integration of formerly separate subjects into a new and coherent field of study. STEM is not a curriculum (although there are STEM-focused curriculums, such as Engineering Is Elementary and Project Lead the Way). It does not replace state standards, nor is it meant to be a quick fix for our education problems. Rather, STEM education is an approach to learning that removes the traditional barriers separating the four disciplines and integrates them into real-world, rigorous, relevant learning experiences for students (Vasquez, Sneider, & Comer, 2013).    A Few of Center Grove High School STEM Programs:

Center Grove High School Extra-Curricular STEM Offerings: