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Online Classes

Some students choose to do independent online classes through Vincennes.  Online classes are usually quite challenging and require the student to be extremely self-motivated and disciplined. For this reason we discourage students from online classes unless they have a strong academic background.

A few notes about online classes:

  • Students are responsible to obtain their own book for the class. The required book is found on the syllabus, which is found on Blackboard. Some students have found that the cheapest option is to rent the book online. Books range from under $10 to over $100.  Students on free and reduced lunch are expected to pay for their own books for online classes.
  • Professors occasionally send emails through MyVU email. Please check this email daily or have it forwarded to an email you do check daily.
  • Students are expected to communicate directly with the professor. EC staff may be able to provide assistance but can never replace direct communication with the professor.
  • Go to the Vincennes website to learn more about online classes.