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Frequently Asked Questions


Center Grove Global Campus



  • How does online learning work?
    • Each course has a Center Grove teacher who will guide you through the course learning. Our courses are broken down into digestible chunks called modules. Typically, our courses are paced by the instructor. You’ll have flexibility to complete your work, but you will be expected to meet the targeted deadlines. Coursework requires an ongoing effort on the part of the student.  Students will need to access Canvas daily to view content and learning activities. As you work through the modules of your course, you will be expected to connect with your teacher and classmates to complete various online assignments, group chats, and discussion forums.
  • What is the difference between an IGNITE and a REVIVE course?
    • An IGNITE course allows a student to obtain initial credit for a Center Grove Grade 9-12 class.
    • REVIVE course allows a student to complete a course for credit recovery or grade improvement.
  • How is my “spot” in the course determined? 
    • Class sizes are limited in order to maintain the integrity of our program. While our mission is to support all learners in our local communities and beyond, Global Campus does give priority registration to students enrolled in Center Grove Community School Corporation. Remaining spots will be open to any high school student who has met the prerequisite requirements. If more students apply for a course than spots available, Center Grove Global Campus will explore opening additional sections or finding a suitable alternative for the student. To ensure you have the best chance to get the courses you want, it’s important you register early.
  • How can I support my child in online learning?
    • Online learning is new to some students and parents. Here are some ways that you can support your child in online learning: 
      1. Make sure your child knows about the course, look through the syllabus together so you both know the rigor and expectations.
      2. Contact the teacher with your student if you have questions using Canvas inbox or school email.
      3. Have your child show you his/her work so you know what is expected.
      4. Monitor your child's progress via an Observer on Canvas. 
      5. Support the Global Campus expectations and guidelines.
      6. Encourage your child to participate in discussions and projects.
      7. Make an agreement with your child for incentives and consequences.
    • Make sure your child has access to the technology and other resources required for the course.
    • Be prepared if a technical issue comes up.
    • Encourage your child to work ahead.
    • Help your child find a place where good learning can take place that is free from distractions.
    • Help your child create a schedule to work on his/her class based on expectations for the course.
  • Who do I contact for technical support?
    If you are having technical issues, please select from one of the following options:
      • If you’re having trouble with your Skyward or Canvas account, please contact
      • If Canvas misbehaves for you, please file a HELP ticket via the HELP section in Canvas. For faster support, file your help ticket from the page that is not working properly.
      • If your iPad is broken or not working properly, Global Campus summer students should contact During the school year, students should visit the Media Center.
      • If a link is broken or a website isn’t working properly for you, please notify your course instructor.
  • How do I see what my students are doing in Canvas?
  • What is the process for keeping my iPad this summer?
    Current CGHS students will keep their iPads over the summer to complete coursework.
      • Incoming CGHS students registered for a Global Campus course will be issued a high school iPad over the summer. Students will turn in their current iPad during the collection time at the end of the school year and will be issued a high school iPad instead.
      • Students and parents should contact should an issue with the students iPads arise.
  • Where is the Center Grove Technology Center?
    • The Center Grove Technology Center is located at 2789 Trojan Lane, Greenwood, IN 46143 behind the Center Grove High School and is close to the baseball diamond. See map
  • How do I access my course? 
    • All Global Campus courses are hosted within Canvas our learning management system (LMS).   Canvas allows your teachers the ability to create and deliver online, blended, and technology-enriched courses. To access your Global Campus course, you’ll need:
      • a Center Grove Canvas user account 
      • access to your online course
      • If you don’t currently have Center Grove Canvas account, you will be notified once this has been created. You will access Canvas with your Skyward username and password. You can access the Center Grove Canvas link from the corporation website or download the app from the App Portal or App Store. 
  • How will attendance be reported during the school year?
    • All students will report to the Media Center at the beginning of their Global Campus class period. 1st and 6th period seat-time waivers must report before the end of the period. Students will be required to scan their student ID upon check-in to record daily attendance. Reports will be sent to the attendance office daily. Students who are late or missing during their scheduled period of the day will be counted tardy or truant and will receive consequences as outlined in the CGHS student handbook. 
    • Students who do not have the seat-time waiver are required to report to the Media Center on time. Students are required to scan their student ID upon check-in. Reports will be sent to the attendance office daily. Students who are late or missing during their scheduled period of the day will be counted tardy or truant and will receive consequences as outlined in the CGHS student handbook.
  • Where do I report for my online course?
    • During the school year, all Global Campus students will report to the Media Center. For summer courses, students will complete their coursework entirely online.
  • What happens if I lose my seat-time waiver?
    • Failure to maintain an 80% or higher in Global Campus and passing (70% or higher) grades in all other subjects will result in loss of the seat-time waiver. It is important to look at your email for information related to the approval or denial of a seat-time waiver.
    • During the loss of a seat-time waiver, students will need to report to the Media Center during their scheduled online course and will continue to do so until the next evaluation for a seat-time waiver.  During the next evaluation period, if the student becomes eligible, they may use the seat-time waiver again.