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In order to enroll in Global Campus, whether summer or school year, you must express interest during your scheduling meeting with your counselor. Once enrolled, your course content is delivered via our Learning Management System, Canvas.

Our courses are designed for students to have increased flexibility. However, it’s important you meet the targeted deadlines as outlined by your course instructor. Online course grades through Global Campus are handled in the same manner as face-to-face courses at Center Grove High School. Failure to complete assignments by the specified course due dates will impact your grades. The final grade received in the Global Campus course will be documented on your transcript; therefore, it’s important you remain committed to your studies. 

All Global Campus students are expected to use and frequently check their Center Grove Gmail accounts for Global Campus communications. Some course activities may require students to still have access to a computer/laptop. Access to ongoing and reliable high-speed wi-fi is a must for an online course. If not at school, students will need to either have wi-fi at home, or plan to study at a location with free wi-fi available. Additional technology requirements can be found in our FAQs under “Technology.”


In order to enroll in Global Campus courses for the school year, please discuss your interest with your guidance counselor during your scheduling meeting. All school year courses are scheduled during this time. 


Students must have a GPA of 2.5 to be eligible for Global Campus courses and a 2.75 GPA to be eligible for a seat time waiver.

To help you be successful online, you will attend orientation the first day of each semester in the Media Center. The eLearning Coach will discuss expectations, logistics, and seat waiver applications. To view the orientation presentation, please reference the Global Campus School Year Orientation Presentation in the Global Campus Documents. Additionally, a Global Campus School Year Staff Directory is also available in the Global Campus Documents.  

The seat-time waiver allows students to work off-site (home, coffee shop, etc) during their scheduled online course rather than work in a traditional classroom setting. The waiver provides students with increased flexibility in how and where they study and allows students to work on their coursework when most alert. The seat-time waiver is a privilege, and may be revoked if students do not demonstrate academic accountability in their coursework or for disciplinary reasons.  To be eligible for the seat-time waiver, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Schedule their online course for Period 1, 5, 6, or 10 (first or last period of the day)
  • Have an application signed, approved, and on file with Global Campus
  • Demonstrate academic accountability by maintaining an 80% or higher in all Global Campus coursework and C- or better (70% or higher) in all other subjects
  • Attend all formal grade checks
  • 2.75 GPA

To view the seat waiver expectations and application, please reference the Global Campus Seat Waiver Expectations in the Global Campus Documents.

If you need to drop your school year Global Campus course, you must request an appointment with your guidance counselor via email.


During the summer enrollment period, a link to the Global Campus application will be available on the Global Campus home page. Once the application is submitted, your guidance counselor will approve your course, you will be notified of the approval, and payment will need to be submitted.

If you are planning to be on vacation or away from wi-fi for more than a few days, it’s important you communicate with your instructor in advance and work ahead to avoid missing any deadline requirements. Global Campus students are expected to log in at least three times each week.

To help you be successful online, you and your parents are encouraged to attend our Global Campus orientation that will be scheduled in May before summer school begins. Additionally, regardless of the course, the first step is to read the course syllabus in Canvas. If you are new to Canvas, please be sure to visit the Media Center for help.

To view the orientation presentations, please reference the Global Campus Summer Orientation Parent and/or Global Campus Summer Orientation Student in the Global Campus Documents. Also, a Global Campus Summer Staff Directory is also available in the Global Campus Documents.

Some of our summer courses do require an on-site final exam. Your course instructor will provide the date and time once the course begins.


Out-of-District Students
If you are a student outside of the district wishing to take an online course, please contact Jennifer Perkins, Assistant Principal, for additional information on the application process, expectations, and tuition and payment.

If you need to drop a course for any reason prior to the start of summer school, request an appointment with your guidance counselor via email.

If you need to drop a course after summer school has begun, please complete the eDrop Form on the Global Campus website. Please review our eDrop policies for more information. No drops will be permitted after the second week of summer school, and the grade earned will be on the student's high school transcript.

If you have an IEP and anticipate needing accommodations during the summer, please contact Jenn Perkins, Assistant Principal, prior to the start of the course so we can ensure your learning needs are appropriately met.

Global Campus Documents