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Center Grove High School

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Event Policies

Center Grove High School Athletics

KATIE FISHER, ASST. ATHLETIC DIR., 317.881.0581, Ext. 4532
JOANNY TOLLE, SECRETARY, 317.881.0581, Ext. 4530 

  • Tobacco and alcohol are prohibited on all Center Grove campuses.

  • Pets are not allowed on school grounds.

  • No outside drinks or food may be brought into Skillman Stadium.

  • Children should be monitored and not allowed to bring footballs or other outside sports equipment into Skillman Stadium.

  • Once you present your ticket and enter Skillman Stadium, you will not be permitted to leave and return without purchasing another ticket.

  • Seats are reserved in the upper portion of the center section of Skillman Stadium (Sections A and B, Rows M-V, Seats 1-25).

    • Reserved seat holders will be required to show proof of purchase to access their seats.