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Natatorium Community Hours



  • The CG Natatorium will be open for COMMUNITY LAP SWIM on Mondays and Thursday during the first two weeks of June at no monthly cost.  
  • Unfortunately, June 13 will be the last day for COMMUNITY LAP SWIM at CG natatorium until August 5.  With Olympic Trials in town, we are hosting several events here at the pool over the next few weeks including two high level meets and training sessions for teams traveling to be a part of the Olympic Trials.  In July,  we will be hosting the Indiana Swimming Senior State Championships  and the pool is scheduled for some routine maintenance and cleaning.
  • We truly appreciate all of our patrons and can't wait to have you back in the pool beginning the week of August 5.  Please refer back to the website in late July for updated programming information.  Have a safe and happy summer!
  • Construction Notice: Due to the new construction project, Door 4 will no longer be available. Please use Door 8 (behind the football bleachers) to enter the building - proceed straight down the hallway and the pool will be on your left. Parking is available in the teacher/student lots. 


  • The pass for April/May will be $40.
  • $35 for seniors, military, first responders
  • No charge for CG staff & Silver Card holders
    • If you are eligible for a free swim pass, you do not need to purchase a pass below. 
    • Please expect to show your staff ID or Silver Card to the staff member present and sign in each time you participate in lap swim.
Purchase Swim Pass

You must create an account through the PayK12 system to purchase your monthly pass. Please bring a copy of your pass (digital or paper) to the pool.

Patrons will need to log in through their PAYK12 accounts to renew their pass before the 5th of each month or the pass will be deactivated.


  • Use Door 8 (behind the football bleachers) to enter the building - proceed straight down the hallway and the pool will be on your left.
  • Parking is available in the teacher/student lots. 
  • Locker Room access will be available until 15 minutes post lap swim hours.

Please sign in and show your pass card to the supervisor or lifeguard upon entering the pool. Patrons will need to sign a waiver of liability on their first night. The waiver will be good for one calendar year.


  1. Lap lanes are intended for lap swimming only. Other water exercises should not be performed in the lane when lap swimmers are present in the lane or waiting for a lane.
  2. Lap lanes are first come - first serve. During peak usage, it will become necessary for you to split lanes or circle swim with other swimmers.
  3. When entering a lane with other swimmers, notify them that you will be joining the lane.
  4. Please wait until other swimmers have pushed off before entering the water. Do not jump, dive, or push into oncoming swimmers.
  5. Always swim complete laps of the pool. Avoid stopping in the middle of the lane for any reason; this can interfere with others’ progress and cause collisions.
  6. Be aware of your space in the lane and the orientation of others.
  7. Slower swimmers should wait to push off the wall until faster swimmers have passed.
  8. If you have to stop for any reason, stand in the corner of the lane so that other swimmers have ample room for turns.
  9. The supervisor or lifeguard may ask you to switch lanes. Please accommodate our requests.
  10. Enjoy your workout! When we work together, lap swimming can be a wonderful experience for all levels of fitness.


Circle Swimming is utilized to accommodate three or more swimmers using the whole lane; down and back on the right side of the lane.

Lane movement is counter-clockwise.

Circle Swimming is done by swimming in a counterclockwise direction within the lane - similar to cars on a road. Keep to the right at all times.

Look at the speed of the swimmers in the lanes and select a lane that is most appropriate for you. Notify the lap swimmers you would like to join the lane.

To avoid collisions, only begin swimming when the other swimmers in the lane have been made aware of your presence.

If you need to pass in your lane, move up to the swimmer and tap his/her foot. A tap is an indication of your presence and your want to pass. A pass must be initiated in time to overtake the slower swimmer before the wall to avoid a potential collision at the wall.

Looking for swim lessons? Contact Center Grove's Aquatic Club.