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Senior Year

Senior Year at a Glance Presentation

Senior Year at a Glance

Click here to view the Senior Year at a Glance presentation. 

Click here to view cghs' 2023-24 senior guide



  1. After you have submitted your online application to a college or university, you will need to go into Naviance Student  and mark that you have:
    • Submitted the application
    • Request an initial transcript (NOT MIDYEAR OR FINAL)
    • Verify if you have applied with the Common Application or not
  2.  You must request all transcripts for college applications through Naviance Student
    • Counselors will be checking daily to see what applications have been submitted.  At that time, they will complete the counselor page/secondary school report and send transcripts. 
  3. If you have applied with the Common Application, make sure you have matched the Common Application to Family Connections on the Colleges Tab. 
  4. The Senior Data/Brag Sheet 
    • Located in Naviance Student under the About Me tab  
    • Teachers will be able to access your Brag Sheet from Naviance student in order to assist them with writing letters of recommendation.

      Not all colleges and universities require letters of recommendation.  However, if you need a letter of recommendation, you will first need to request that letter from teachers/staff by a face-to-face conversation.  After you have made that 1st initial contact with your recommender, you need to E-MAIL a friendly reminder to each teacher you are requesting a letter of recommendation and be sure to copy your counselor.  The email should include the name of the schools you plan to use this letter of recommendation and the deadline it needs to be completed.   Teachers and Staff members will upload their recommendation letters into Naviance Student, which will allow the counselors to send all supporting materials (letters of recommendation, transcripts, and secondary school reports) to the colleges you are applying to in a complete and organized package for the college to review.
  5. Please allow at least 1 week for the application process to be completed by your counselor.  
    • REMINDER:  All applications that have a November 1st DEADLINE must be entered and transcripts requested prior to Fall Break which would be by the end of the day Friday, October 9th, 2020.
  6. Retake the SAT and/or ACT if needed
  7. Scholarships
    • Check out the Scholarship List on Naviance student and listen to the announcements on CGTV for new scholarship postings
    • Every scholarship that we know about is listed on Naviance Student. 
    • You are responsible for downloading all scholarship applications from Naviance Student or the Scholarship Website.  Links will be provided on Naviance Student.
    • Before turning in your completed scholarship application, you MUST complete a GREEN COVER SHEET and all materials required for the scholarship (letters of recommendation, essays, etc.) must be attached.
    • All Scholarships and supporting materials will be turned into the Registrar, Mrs. Cornett in the Guidance Office.  At that time, she will attach transcripts and letters of recommendation that are requested on the GREEN Scholarship Cover Letter.  She will also mail the complete application packet.
    • NCAA Eligibility Center if you are planning to compete at a Division I or II college/university.  Also make sure if you plan to compete at a NAIA college or university you complete their eligibility form.